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Edibles are one of the safest options for controlling the level of your high.

Cannabis-infused edibles have come a long way in recent years. Clear dosing restrictions and micro-doseable products offer a convenient, straightforward, and fun way to experience the benefits and effects of cannabis. Altius Dispensary is happy to assist you in buying edibles. Our selection of gummies, baked goods, chocolates and so much more offer outstanding flavor and integrity.

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Cannabis-Infused Edibles

When choosing an edible, dosing is probably the most important factor. You need to start low and go slow. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract, edibles have a delayed onset of anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours. For products containing THC, effects tend to be most intense around three hours after consumption and can linger from six to eight hours.

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Altius Dispensary has the edibles you’re looking for!

Whether you’re looking for high THC or high CBD ratio, indicas, sativas, or hybrids, you’ll find quality ingredients, proper packaging, and a wide range of tasty choices at Altius Dispensary. Browse at your leisure in-store or online, expedite the process with in-store pickup and take advantage of free parking and on-site ATM. Second to none, our menu of cannabis edibles is sure to impress and Change Your Altitude!

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