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Not all pre-rolls are made the same.

Altius Dispensary offers a variety of pre-rolls. Affordability and the availability of singles, as well as packs, allow for responsible experimentation. They are the ideal opportunity to try something new, check out a best seller, and discover a fresh favorite. Just remember the most important rule. Start low and go slow. Choose products with low THC and an equal or higher ratio of CBD. After one puff, wait fifteen minutes before continuing. Be sure. Then enjoy!

Cannabis Pre-Rolls For Sale

Fast-acting, flavorful and convenient, joints and blunts have become a popular inhalation method. Unless you’re practiced in the art, rolling can be messy and lead to a great deal of waste. It requires accessories, including rolling papers, a tray, a grinder, filters, and of course, a supply of dried flower. Pre-rolls are pre-made, portable, and convenient. You have your choice of shapes, sizes, potency, and strains!

Pre-rolled Joints Available at Our Dispensary

Not all pre-rolls are made the same. There are details such as strain, durability, moisture content, and packaging that all impact your overall satisfaction. Purchase your pre-rolls from Altius Dispensary with confidence in quality, safety, and cleanliness. We value our friends and neighbors across Round Lake Beach, IL. We strive to impress visitors to our lovely state. Whether you’re wondering where to start or know exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll find all that and more at Altius Dispensary. Explore our cannabis products and Change Your Altitude!


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