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Finding old and new favorites is easy with us.

The cannabis brands you’ve been hearing about for years as well as a growing list of exciting newcomers are all gathered together at Altius Dispensary in RoundLake Beach, IL, for your convenience. On a quest for rich terpenes? A fan of flower, obsessed with genetics or searching for that perfect vape pen? Looking for equity-owned producers, CBD options or vegan products?

cannabis flower

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Where to start? Hundred of indica, sativa and hybrid strains of aromatic and mature flower showcase consistency, flavor and potency. Banana Daddy, Dogwalker OG, Pineapple Express, Project Sherbert and Lemon Sugar are a few favorites. Prefer ready-to-spark joints? Shop singles, packs and infused varieties of pre-rolls from big-hitters like Dogwalkers, Lobo, Verano and more.

Rather be more discreet? Enjoy user-friendly, flavorful, refillable/disposable vapes featuring the latest technology from Bloom, Daze Off, STIIIZY and an impressive lineup.

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A Wide Selection from Altius Dispensary

Altius Dispensary is a treasure trove of edibles, including loads of gummies, chocolates, caramels, cookies and beverages crafted by innovators such as WYLD, Encore Edibles, Incredibles and The Botanist. Make sure to delve into our wide world of THC-loaded concentrates, curative topicals, simple tinctures, CBD products and all sorts of helpful gear and fun merch. Our friendly staff in Round Lake Beach welcomes questions and the opportunity to share information. Whether you shop in-person or order online, Altius Dispensary is a rich and rewarding experience like no other.

cannabis flower

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Marijuana Products Near Me Kenosha, WI | Recreational Cannabis Waukegan, IL | Cannabis Products Near Me Mundelein, IL

Cannabis Products Near MeMarijuana ProductsMarijuana Products Near MeRecreational Cannabis Near Me ∴ Mundelein, IL ∴ Gurnee, IL ∴ Pleasant Prairie, WI

Marijuana Products

Cannabis Products Near Me

Marijuana Products Near Me

Recreational Cannabis Near Me

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