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Find familiar favorites, try out best sellers and explore the incredible potential of cannabis by shopping with Altius Dispensary. We aren’t just the fresh face on the scene in Northern Illinois & Southern New Jersey. Our grand opening takes a giant step forward in creating a welcoming, accepting, and innovative community for locals and visitors alike.

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In-Store Cannabis Pickup Service

We embrace those just taking the first steps into the world of cannabis as well as seasoned enthusiasts. We’re happy to spend some time and share our insights or accommodate your hectic lifestyle with a quick turnaround of in-store pickup. Browse our modern dispensary or our easy-to-navigate website. The rewards of our amazing array of quality products are available either away.

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Order Cannabis Online for Pickup

Shopping online allows 24/7 opportunity to be particular about strains, potency, price, and consumption methods. Sort by sativas, indicas and hybrids. Choose from an abundance of edibles, pre-rolls, flower, extracts, vapes, topicals, and tinctures. Add items to your cart, opt for in-store pickup and our team of professionals will package everything up properly. Or feel free to place your order by calling (847) 978-0843. We’ll be ready when you get here! Enjoy amenities such as free parking and an on-site ATM. Convenient from anywhere across Round Lake Beach, Carol Stream & Orland Hills, IL & Glassboro, NJ, Altius Dispensary is where your Change Your Altitude for the better.

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What happens when I arrive to pick up my cannabis order?

When you arrive to pick up your order, have your valid ID ready! Any government-issued identification is acceptable for a patient to use for access to a cannabis dispensary including a valid driver’s license from any state, a valid ID from any state, valid US passport, valid US military ID, or VA card (photo + barcode), or valid Native American tribe ID. Security will scan and check your ID before you enter the retail space at Altius Dispensary. You’ll be greeted by our team and budtenders who can assist in answering any cannabis questions about product, consumption, accessories, etc.

If you have placed an order prior to coming to Altius Dispensary, you will be directed to one of the registers where our team will review your order. New to all of this? No problem, our budtenders and expert team are here to walk you through any questions you might have, recommendations, or concerns to get you where you need to be. In IL, cannabis products cannot be on display or touched by customers. Upon checkout, your order will be quality checked and sealed in a bag before leaving. Upon payment, customers must leave the building through a secure door.

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Cannabis Return Policy

The State of Illinois does not allow dispensaries to accept marijuana products back as returns. According to IL Law, patients cannot bring marijuana products back into the dispensary for any reason. If you have purchased a defective product from us, we want to do what we can to make things right. If you’ve had a defective product, please contact us with an image of the product and a description of the issue. We will work with you for a credit and/or partial or full refund.

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