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Experience the natural euphoria with our premium cannabis flower, meticulously cultivated for an unparalleled sensory journey.

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Elevate your senses discreetly with our exceptional cannabis vape pens, delivering a smooth and sophisticated way to embrace the benefits of relaxation.

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Savor the moment with our delectable cannabis-infused edibles, where delicious flavors meet a euphoric journey for a uniquely enjoyable experience.

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Unleash the potency of purity with our premium cannabis concentrates, meticulously crafted to deliver a concentrated burst of euphoria for the discerning connoisseur.

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Effortlessly elevate your experience with our expertly rolled cannabis joints, delivering convenience and premium quality for a perfectly curated moment of relaxation.

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Nourish your body and soothe your senses with our therapeutic cannabis topicals, offering a revitalizing experience that blends relaxation and wellness in every application.

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Round Lake

993 East Rollins Road Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

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Carol Stream, IL

506 South Schmale Rd Carol Stream, IL 60188

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Glassboro, NJ

Glassboro, NJ 14202

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Orland Hills, IL

Orland Hills, IL 60487


Altius means “higher” in Latin. We ensure a worthwhile shopping trip. Check out a diverse and impressive array of consumption methods, strains, and THC and CBD ratios. The rainbow of colors, an abundance of trichomes, and strong scents of our flower are sure to impress. Our affordable pre-rolls are ideal for experimentation. Tinctures and vapes offer amazing terpenes, discretion, and portability. Soothing topicals, versatile extracts, and an incredible menu of edibles are all waiting for you on our shelves.

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Enjoy the best of cannabis without work or worry. Free parking, ATM on-site, and friendly staff simplify the navigation of our rewarding and vast world of cannabis. Online ordering and in-store pickup accommodate busy schedules. By seeing to the details, upholding uncompromising integrity, and sharing both insight and innovation, Altius Dispensary opens the doors to nearly limitless opportunities for better wellness and quality of life.

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We provide a “higher experience” to our customers and we want to share that experience with our community. Altius Dispensary plans to make our community stronger, make it happen faster, and elevate our people higher. Join us in bringing our vision to life.

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Cannabis education and awareness are at the heart of what we do. When we work together with our community, we can change the way we elevate. So, join us in making cannabis a part of our community.


Together we can change the story around cannabis and share the ways we can change our altitude.


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Clean, friendly, and inviting. I love that the points add up and I get free stuff every time. I also like that the security has good eyes. Great place.

- Robert H.

I came in from out of town a bit ago and Altius has really impressed me. They have a decent selection of products to choose from and staff who know what they’re talking about.

- Bryce P.

I love the dispensary, especially because it is a really streamline way of doing things. I’ve even visited the one in New Jersey and I love that the business model stays the same throughout each brick and mortar. The staff are super friendly. Really knowledgeable and really helpful.

- Melissa A.

I continue to have the Most excellent experiences! My Budtender Dan answered my questions and was very helpful. Not to mention my budtender who was top notch when it comes to knowledge of the products. Altus ALWAYS makes sure the customer is happy! Rock On!

- Michael M.

I had a great experience both times I placed my order online, and they notify you when it’s ready, which has always been in minutes. I have not had to wait in line at all because there are plenty of staff to help. They have a good selection of different types of flower, edibles, concentrates and more. I HIGHLY recommend this new spot.

- Kyle C.

I have been to Altius several times since they opened last year, and of all the local dispensaries I have been to, this one is my favorite. The staff is welcoming and friendly and I don’t feel the same anxiety walking in as I have experienced at other dispensaries.

- Carissa Rose

Take a deep breath

Shed the nitty gritty stress and tension, leave the pressure behind and take the first step inside Altius Dispensary. Modern, elegant, beautiful, the atmosphere immediately relaxes and refreshes. Take a deep breath, inhale the inspiring fragrance of terpenes and let go of the worries. Enjoy an exploration of the senses and infinite possibilities at your fingertips.

cannabis flower

Hundreds of premium strains

Curating innovation from the pinnacle of producers, our array of cannabis products is as extensive as it is excellent. Find your perfect preference in a selection of hundreds of premium flower strains, infused pre-rolls and refillable or disposable pods, carts and pens. Get tempted by the tasty goodness of cookies, gummies galore, caramels and a wide assortment of delectable edibles. From THC-loaded concentrates to tinctures and topicals, Altius Dispensary transcends expectations.

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A friendly space with helpful people

Altius Dispensary offers a great big world of cannabis wrapped in the comfort of a friendly space and helpful people. We like to think there’s a bit of magic in the air, because spending some time with us is mood elevating. Whether you’re a first-timer, long-practiced devotee, searching out the perfect accessory or on a quest for exceptional genetics, we are delighted to satisfy.

cannabis flower

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