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The best cannabis experiences are provided by premium quality products.

Altius Dispensary is your opportunity to enjoy and familiarize yourself with exceptional flower. Whether you’re new to cannabis, want to learn how to distinguish better bud, or are a seasoned consumer, you’re going to find everything you’re hoping for on our shelves. With free parking, an ATM on-site, and a convenient location in Northern Illinois & Southern New Jersey, we welcome you to browse, discover and appreciate a wide selection.

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Your nose is going to love our flower. Each of our popular, rare, and sought-after strains smells different because of its unique terpene profile. From earthy to citrusy and floral, our bud tickles the senses. Colors from bright green to deep purple are certain to catch your eye. Look closer and you’ll notice an abundance of trichomes, ensuring a maturely harvested flower and outstanding effects.

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For cannabis in Round Lake Beach, Carol Stream & Orland Hills, IL & Glassboro, NJ, count on Altius Dispensary!

Altius Dispensary is something new, something different, and always the right stop for recreational cannabis for every preference. Shop in-store or online. Spend some time or take advantage of a quick in-store pickup. We are your convenient flower destination across Round Lake Beach, Carol Stream & Orland Hills, IL & Glassboro, NJ. Step inside our doors and Change Your Altitude!

At Altius Dispensary, we make sure you understand and are totally confident in your purchase. While we can’t tell you exactly how a strain will affect you personally due to a variety of factors, we can give you a good idea of what to expect. Percentages of THC and CBD are important, but so are the profile of minor cannabinoids and terpenes. The higher the CBD ratio, the fewer psychoactive effects.

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