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The best products deserve the best gear.

Whether you need a fresh battery pack for your vape or some pipe cleaners and cleaning solution for your smoking supplies, Altius Dispensary has everything to keep you organized and able to enjoy your products. Need a fun gift for a friend or loved one? You can find a truly unique present with our novelty pipes and fun food-shaped accessories (because doesn’t everyone need a strawberry-shaped stash jar?). And, of course, we have the basics to round out your collection with deodorizers, lighters, and flavored filter tips. If you need it, Altius Dispensary can supply it!

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The Best Cannabis Accessories

Whether your marijuana is to help alleviate symptoms or for downtime enjoyment, we understand that a top-notch experience goes beyond the marijuana product. From high-quality stash jars to entertaining smoking pipes and smooth-burning rolling papers, Altius Dispensary has all the accessories you need for the ideal indulgence.

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Start or complete your collection with Altius Dispensary

For the professional cannabis connoisseur or the beginning accessory collector, Altius Dispensary‘s diverse selection of pipes, ashtrays, stash jars, and more offers something for everyone. We can help you fulfill your basic cannabis needs, or we can add whimsical and unique conversation pieces to your set of consumption goodies. Even the simplest items, like a new battery for your vape, can become a fun shopping trip as you peruse our inventory!

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